The Creedence Collection

Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty


Between 1968 and 1972 Creedence Clearwater Revival was the most successful rock band in the history of American music “bigger than the Beatles” it has been said!

They released 15 tracks of which 12 singles went into the top 20.

 In 1969 no other group could compete. They had a number 1 and 9 other hits in England.

After seven studio albums CCR were no more and John Fogerty went on alone to produce 9 of his own studio albums from which 26 singles were released.

He is still playing to packed houses.




The Creedence Collection

The Creedence Collection was born out of a Hull band, Mean Eyed Cat, famous on the local scene for playing their own unique swamp/country/ bluegrass versions of well- known rock and pop tunes. There was always a selection of Creedence hits in the set, so after the usual “do you play any Queen” the request for a Creedence song was always well received. Realising there was a taste for Creedence and Fogerty out there, Blako decided to set up The Creedence Collection to share the best of Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty.

The lead man


Albert Lee (Eric Clapton’s guitar player) and James Burton (Elvis’ guitar player) with Blako (centre), one of their Guitar Heroes!

On guitar and lead vocals is Blako (Lynn Blakeston) who started playing guitar when he was 11. In the early ’70s he was in the Hull band Uncle Sam, supporting Thin Lizzy, Chris Spedding, Hot Chocolate, The Hollies, The Merseybeats, Stealer’s Wheel and many more. From the ’70s and to this day he listens to and plays rock ‘ n’  roll and country rock music from Creedence Cleerwater Revival and Chuck Berry to Crosby Stills and Nash, and the Eagles.

He also plays the pedal steel guitarPlaying took him to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Nashville, New York and the highlight, playing at The 1982 Country Music Festival at Wembley, where he shared the stage with Kris Kristofferson and Tammy Wynette.

Over the years he has worked with J.D. Fontana (Elvis’s drummer), James Burton (Elvis’s guitarist), Chris Hillman (The Byrds), Chas and Dave, Albert Lee (played guitar for everyone!), Al Perkins (Eagles, Rolling Stones, Emmy Lou Harris, and more), B.J. Cole (the pedal steel ‘guru’), Sonny Curtis (guitarist and songwriter with Buddy Holly) Tommy Allsup (the one who didn’t get in the plane with Buddy Holly), Walter Trout, Wilco Johnson, Steve Harley, Roy Wood and many more…

The Band

On rhythm guitars is Rob (song a day) Nicklas, our very own Pet Shop Boy. Rob is a prolific song writer…. and pet store owner (sorry had to say that!).

 On drums, we have the best – Frank Preston (don’t tell John Fogerty about him). Frank played with many 60/ 70’s bands including chart band, The Fantastics. 

On bass we have Merve the Swerve, another seasoned player, who leaves his emergency ambulance and joins Frank to provide expert backline.  

The original Creedence and most of Fogerty’s live gigs in recent years have included keyboards and other instruments. With an eye for gender equality,  Anita was added to the line up. Luckily she can multi-task, – playing keyboards, electric violin, mandolin, accordion (not all at the same time) and is also an expert on the sound desk.

The narrative about the band wouldn’t be complete without a mention for two important people: Kev Reynolds and Dave Jefferson. They were our original  rhythm guitar and bass players. Sadly they have gone to the great gig in the sky. Apparently it’s sold out on every show!